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The domain names, trade names, trademarks, text, information, layout design, graphics, patterns, images, sounds, processes, procedures, and other content materials contained in this website are subject to other relevant laws, regulations, and regulatory legal documents such as the Copyright Law. All rights under the protection of relevant international treaties are enjoyed and reserved by Xiantong Trade. Without the written consent of Xiantong Trading, it is not allowed to copy and transmit in any form. Any violation of the above rights may lead to corresponding civil, administrative or criminal liabilities. When users use the content and services provided on this website for non-commercial or non-profit purposes for personal consumption, they shall abide by the copyright law and other relevant laws and shall not infringe the rights of the company and/or related rights holders. When users use the content and services provided on this website for commercial and profitable purposes, they need to obtain prior written authorization from the company and/or related rights holders, indicate the author and the source of the article, and follow the relevant international conventions and the Chinese people. The relevant provisions of the laws of the Republic pay royalties to relevant right holders.

Predictive statement
The information published on this website will contain some predictive statements about the company’s business strategy, performance expectations, investment plans, industry competition and product policies. Such statements should contain certain risk factors and uncertainties, and are intended to reflect the company’s current views on future events and are not a guarantee of future business performance. The company’s performance results may cause major discrepancies due to certain risk factors.
When the content of this website uses other similar words such as “expect”, “plan”, “believe”, “forecast”, “expect”, “may”, “plan” and other similar words to make statements, all the purposes related to the company are It is to show that it is a predictive statement. The company does not guarantee the timeliness of these forward-looking statements.

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